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Galatoire’s Management - You lost your mind and fired Gilberto, one of the last great Galatoire’s waiters.  I laid ridiculously high tips on Gilberto for the past 10 years because he understood the importance of wit and hard drinking to my Galatoire’s meal.  All of my clients and ugly girlfriends have been delighted with him. 

 …is it your goal to strip the restaurant of all New Orleans ambiance?  What dullard exactly is responsible for this dumbing down of Galatoire’s, Larry Flint at the Hustler Club next door?  That’s who should be fired and sent packing, not Gilberto.  Attached, please find two dollars for Mr. Flint’s cab fare back to his club.

 John Stinson

It would seem that the termination of Gilbert, who has been a ling time employee, could have the effect of tarnishing that favorable publicity and leaving a proverbial bad taste in the mouth of many New Orleans devotees of Galatoire’s.

 Harry Rosenberg

Galatoire’s is a wonderful place made all the more so by being waited on by Gilbert, these years.  I know the urge to modernize your business practices is irresistible and in many instances inevitable. 

Surely, after twenty two years of his life being a good ambassador for Galatoire’s to the world, there is still room for him there.  His absence is a distinct loss, both (I think) to his customers and to the experience at Galatoire’s.

 Richard Ford

Mr. Jean Galatoire, Mr. Justin Galatoire, Mr. Leon Galatoire, and Miss Yvonne Galatoire would be very disappointed to discover what has happened to their beloved restaurant.

 David Dillon

In order to truly value Gilbert, one need only visit Antoine’s as I had the misfortune to do.  Their head waiter recommended a fish that was so old it even smelled.  5 of my guest took a bite and sent it back to the garbage!

 For over 14 years I have made Galatoire’s my personal headquarters during the Tennessee Williams Festival. 

Dakin Williams

The guys who made your restaurant famous with their personal relationships with your patrons are being pushed out in favor of people who, frankly, do quite a poor job attempting false friendship.

 Michael G. Gretchen


Your overt effort to get rid of all (one by one) the long term dedicated wait staff by assigning them to upstairs duty hoping you will get the “old regulars” to go there …..you can forget it …. 

I was assigned a waiter who has no clue of “waiting” a proper table.

 Please know, I don’t come to Galatoire’s to train your waiters.  What’s left of your “old guard” of waiters do know

 The regular customers are downstairs being aggravated by inept and incompetent new waiters while the trained old waiters are upstairs waiting on people you may never see again … how stupid can you get … you should be taking care of your regular customers who keep the place open when there will not be enough tourist to help pay the bills. 

Mickey Easterling

I was in Galatoire’s on Friday after the attacks on the World Trade Center.  There were very few people in the restaurant.  Most of them were singles that has been stranded in New Orleans.  They seemed very sad.  Gilberto came to my table and asked if I would mind if he invited these people to join my guest and me.  He had the idea that we could cheer them up and help them have a better evening.  I said of course.  The people joined my table, and it seemed to brighten their evening.  Gilberto is that type of person – always trying to make a bad situation better.

 Gary Lee Smith

While Gilberto may represent something “old” to the current management, to us he is the very character of the restaurant and what distinguishes it from any other restaurant in the city.

 Sharon Robinson

I was distressed to learn that Gilbert has been let go.  My first visit to Galatoire’s was with my mother 63 years ago.  She told me “you must get to know and trust your waiter.

 Leonard Parich

There are so many of us who think Gilbert (like Madonna – one of those people known by one name) as an important part of Galatoire’s. 

Morly Reiley

He has become a part of the folklore of Galatoire’s and as much a fixture of the restaurant as the “morbier” clock over the desk or the ceiling fans.

 Michael Patrykus

Gilberto made the whole Galatoire’s dining experience memorable, whether it was for a regular lunch or dinner or a special occasion.  It was always like spending a relaxed and pleasurable evening with an old friend.

 Nancy Guidry

Johnny’s Po Boys – “Even My Failures Are Edible”.  He was always made us welcome. 

Betty De Grusha

I have sent many Ritz Carlton guest to him and they always come back very happy with Galatoire’s and Gilbert’s service.  The Spanish speaking guest are particularly happy to have good food and service in their native language.

 Ted Du Charm - Concierge

In his attention and with his flair for service, Gilbert is a uniquely talented individual.  I can think of no other server who could surpass him, unless it is the Canadian VIA Rail’s Chaleur dining car steward, Cyril Landry. 

Robert Woodward Barnwell III

Your preferee and career waiter systems well suit your countless customers who deplore the loss of such traditions in other New Orleans restaurants. 

Marda Burton

Having Gilbert as my waiter was an extra treat, his personality and quick wit made the experience even more enjoyable. 

John Boutte

… in all the years, Gilbert is the best waiter I have had.

 Camille Baer

He is a bilingual waiter which now a day is such a great asset since many of my Latin American friends feel more at home knowing that someone that speaks Spanish would take care of them. 

Margarita Bergen

Gilberto is a wonderful waiter and a kind soul who has a strong and somewhat sassy sense of humor. 

Edwin Curry

The time honored magical place posses that certain “je ne sais quoi” and so does Gilbert.  Galatoire’s has an energy that may not exist any where in the western world and Gilbert helps it to flourish.

 Dan Fuselier

My first meal at Galatoire’s was in May 1959 with none other than Frances Parkinson Keyes & I have been a regular customer for 27 years.  I am in hope that Gilberto can be reinstated.

 Capt. Clarke “Doc” Hawley

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