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welovegilberto.com has learned that the trial is off. Gilberto and Galatoire's have apparently settled out of court after taking several depositions. Check back for selected copies of the depositions which will be posted in a few weeks along with new details as they become available.


Galatoire's management fired Gilberto Eyzaguirre, the most popular waiter in New Orleans.  Fans responded with shock, disbelief, and anger! Over 200 hundred letters were sent to Galatoire's to protest the termination.

Available copies of some of these letters circulated around New Orleans. Gilberto fans established this web site and posted over 100 of the protest letters. New Orleans restaurant critic Brett Anderson broke the story with a feature article in the New Orleans Times-Picayune which generated more letters to the editor than any issue in the history of the newspaper except for the 911 tragedy.

The Associated Press picked up the story and details were published in dozens of newspapers both nationally and internationally. NPR Radio, USA Today, and The Los Angles Times weighed in with additional coverage.

The Galatoire's Monologues

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[Galatoire's Fans: If you have seen the show, please forward this email to friends. Several new acts.
New judicial decisions now available. Wait until you see who plays the Judge -- robe, wig, and all.]

Last call for the Galatoire's Monologues this Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Ave

It's subversive, it's absurd, and best of all - it's all true. Come see this New Orleans comedy's final run before the next restaurant scandal comes along to distract us.

Billions of tickets still available at Le Chat Noir box office: 581.5812.

And don't forget, the "Bad Boy" himself, RedBean follows. Join him as he takes you on a journey of love with his one-man comedy show, Let the Brother Talk...The Inappropriate Relationship and Sex Therapist. Your relationship may never be the same after hearing RedBean's: The Death of Foreplay, The P.M.S. Tracking Map, Where to Find That Special Person and much, much more!

Thanks for supporting local theater. It's important.

Gilberto in the News

Read the Gilberto interview at Southern Foodways Alliance Bartender Oral History Series and download the transcript as a PDF. Listen to the interview recording (volume is very low) on YouTube.

"We became famous for being the best drinks in New Orleans [at Galatoire's]. As far as content, amount—and the quality of the drink, too… It's like serving food. You know what people like. How they like the drink? And that's, you know, and that's what makes the relationship more deep, you know Stronger." – Gilberto Eyzaguirre

Where Is Gilberto Today?

The Bombay Club
Restaurant and Martini Bistro
830 Conti Street | New Orleans, LA 70112
Local Phone: 504.586.0972
Toll-free: 1.800.699.7711
Email: info@thebombayclub.com

New on the Avenue:
Johnny Ryan's opens in the restaurant
formerly known as Ditka's

By Brett Anderson Restaurant Writer

(12/17/02) The Lafayette Hotel has been home to its share of distinctive restaurants. In 1991, just after it was renovated, Mike's on the Avenue opened its doors and thrived for much of the decade. Then Mike Ditka's swooped in, transforming the space and holding on for a good while longer than its namesake. The restaurant closed just this past summer.

Ron Ryan, who opened his own restaurant -- Johnny Ryan's, named after the owner's father -- in the Lafayette Hotel Monday, characterizes each of his predecessors as a way of demonstrating how his restaurant will stand apart.

"If you say Mike's on the Avenue was kind of a Euro art gallery look, and Ditka's was a men's club look, we're a Garden District mansion look," he said. "One of the things I've learned over the years is that New Orleanians are proud of what they are. We wanted to do a New Orleans restaurant."

To that end, Ryan has installed custom chandeliers and custom-framed art work, all of it made by local craftsmen. He also brought in Sean Daigle, a chef who has done time at restaurants known for indigenous cuisine, including Mr. B's Bistro, Gabrielle and Muriel's.

Ron Ryan has never had his own restaurant in New Orleans, but his experience in the restaurant business is extensive. He has owned a string of restaurants in Tampa Bay, Fla., and worked as an executive in several large restaurant operations, including the Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You and the locally-based Semolina International Pasta Restaurants.

Ryan divested himself of his interest in the Dallas restaurant Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill to concentrate on opening Johnny Ryan's. He said he's "thrilled to death" to be opening in the Lafayette, particularly since he thought he'd lost out on the space early on.

After Ditka's closed on July 3, he approached the building's landlords, who told him they were in negotiations with Ralph Brennan. "I said, 'Well, here's my number. And lo and behold, two months later, I got a call and they said, 'Let's talk.' "

Duck spring rolls, sautéed drum dusted in crushed almond flour and rack of lamb with herb-and-mustard crust will be among the items on the restaurant's modern American menu. Ryan said he plans to be more "accommodating to women" than his predecessor, particularly with the lunch menu and its entree salads.

While Johnny Ryan's is only a day old, many New Orleanians will be very familiar with an old face in the dining room. Longtime Galatoire's waiter Gilberto Eyzaguirre is part of Ryan's staff. The waiter was fired from Galatoire's last spring after being accused of sexual harassment, and the furor that erupted in the wake of his dismissal became one of the more talked about (and bizarre) events of the summer.

Ryan said that since he was traveling most of the summer, he was unaware of Eyzaguirre's infamy. He was introduced to the waiter by his doctor, Brobson Lutz, a Galatoire's fixture and Eyzaguirre confidant.

"I don't know many of the particulars of the whole Galatoire's situation, but I think he'll be a good addition to the staff," Ryan said of Eyzaguirre. "He's very professional. I think he'll bring some good things to the table."

The Galatoire's Monologues

A reading of the actual letters written to the restaurant in protest of Gilberto's firing. Actors, comics and celebs playing the roles ...and it's Chris Rose's directorial debut of actors, musicians & dancers presenting actual letters from www.welovegiberto.com.

The Galatoire's Monologues go to Napa


Do you want to find out what the internet world is saying about Gilberto?

Go to www.google.com and type in galatoire's gilberto and see what turns up.

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